Gift Bearers Wanted

An invitation is extended to everyone—individuals, couples, families,
catechetical classes—to become involved in taking up the Gifts at our
Saturday afternoon—Sunday celebrations of the Eucharist. To facilitate
this, a binder with signup sheets is available at the main entrance of the
church. It would be great if you would sign up in advance of the day.
Thank you for your consideration.
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Upper Room PEI

Upper Room PEI will be starting Tuesday, September 24. Upper Room is a
weekly gathering for young adults seeking a deeper relationship with
Christ. We meet every Tuesday in Glastonbury Hall of St. Dunstan’s
Basilica for an hour of adoration followed by time for fellowship.
The Holy Hour includes praise and worship, a brief reflection, silent
prayer, benediction, and the opportunity for confession. Come and join
us! For more information, follow us on Facebook @Upper Room PEI. See you there!
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Attention Parents

A suggestion has been made that children at Mass should be accompanied to the washroom downstairs by a parent rather than going on their own. In the interest of safety, this is a prudent practice to follow. If your child has such a need, please go with them.

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Food Sunday

1ST SUNDAY OF EACH MONTH: Parishioners who are able to donate non perishable food items, please bring them to the weekend masses for the St. Vincent de Paul food pantry. Donations may be left near the angel holy water fonts at the entrance to the church. We hope that you can continue to give generously to support the needy in our parish community.

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Automatic Debit

Automatic debit is an option for those who would like to contribute using that means. Please contact the Parish Office for information.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Scented products such as perfume and cologne can aggravate health problems for some people. Please refrain from wearing scented products at Mass. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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Marriage Preparation Course

THE-HEART-OF-THE-MATTER: A Marriage Preparation Course for Modern Couples in the Catholic Church: Contact Pat Wiedemer at 902-393-6047

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Advertising in Weekly Church Bulletins

The bulletins with advertising are going to print late this coming week. The bulletins are free of charge to St. Dunstan's as the costs are covered by the advertisements. If you own a business and would like to get some information or are interested in advertising, please call 902-314-5307. The deadline is Wednesday May 9 at 5 pm. We are encouraging businesses to support our bulletins, and you, the parishioners to support our advertisers. Thank you!

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Our Father’s Adoration Chapel

OUR FATHER'S ADORATION CHAPEL is open daily from 6 am - 11 pm except for cleaning on Sunday, 9 am - 1 pm. You may request to have a candle burn in the Adoration Chapel during this time. The stipend is $7. Please contact the Parish Office. This week the candles in the Chapel burn for: Bobby; Special Intention (1). There are several hours available at the Adoration Chapel. Please contact Sharon Kelly - - 902-892- 2494 or Cathy McCann - - 629-4521.

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Refugee Committee Online Fundraising Campaign: “Kakuma to Canada”

The St. Dunstan’s Basilica Parish refugee committee is in the final stages of a family reunification sponsorship of thirteen refugees from Somalia. Your much-needed tax-deductible donation to this fundraising campaign will bring stability and hope to a family that has suffered unimaginable adversity. To learn more about the Nuur family, and to donate online, click below.

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CWL Recruitment

St. Dunstan's Parish is looking for a "Few Good Women" to beef up the numbers in their Catholic Women's League. For more information please call Judy Donovan Whitty (CWL Secretary) at 902-569-3496, or Gaye Garvey (Chair) at 902-569-1911, or visit the National website

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