Poster Contest Results

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS wishes to thank and congratulate all parish youths who participated in the Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest! The posters were judged and the results are:

Age 5 - 7: 1st place Martha Beaulac; 2nd place John Nishimura; 3rd place Irene Gillis. Age 8 - 10: 1st place Mary Nishimura; 2nd place Gabriella Beaulac; 3rd place Ben Vail Age 11-14: 1st place Clare Beaulac; 2nd place P.J.Grant; 3rd place Reuben Vail. Please see Don Chevarie to receive your prizes.

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Knights of Columbus Calendars

All proceeds from the sale of these Calendars are in support of parishes in Canada’s far north and are available at the Parish Office, for a suggested donation of $15.00.

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Gr. 6 Catechism Book Drive

The St. Dunstan's Basilica Grade 6 Catechism Class would like to thank all students and parents of our Religious Education Program who so generously donated books to our 2019 Advent Children's Book Drive. Our class has sorted, counted, and boxed over 400 books that enabled us to make a large contribution to Chances Family Centre. Megan Muckler, Program Supervisor at Chances remarked, "We are so grateful for the big donation from St. Dunstan's! Because we have received so many books, we will be able to update bookshelves at several of our locations!" Blessings to all of our families for making such a huge impact with children in several communities within PEI allowing us to share hope, faith, joy and peace as we draw near to the Solemnity of Christmas. A heartfelt thank you to all from Eva, Rowan, Leah, Reuben, Leo, Peter, Mae, Albert, Levi, Isaac and Sandra!
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Catechism Discussion Group

Discussion group for Adults 16+ on the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be held before the 10:30 mass on Sunday mornings (starting December 1st). We will meet in the parish office from 9:15- 10:15. Bring a copy of the Catechism if you have one, but we'll have extra copies if you don't. Contact Pat Wiedemer for more information,

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Saturday Afternoon Mass

The Saturday Vigil Mass is now at 4pm. The plan is to resume the 5 pm time in the spring. Note this is for the Saturday Mass only. The Saturday Sacrament of Reconciliation is celebrated from 2:45 to 3:30.

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Outreach Ministry

Would you like to be involved in a parish outreach ministry—ways of living the gospel message with those in particular need of attention and care? Stay tuned for more information.

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Parish Envelopes

For anyone who used envelopes this past year, there remain some sets to be picked up at the back of the church. Anyone not currently using envelopes and wanting them for the new year, there are additional sets at the back of the church. Please fill out the sheet available with info needed for tax receipts. New envelopes are also available at the parish office. Thank you for your financial support of the parish. It is appreciated and needed.

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Church Doors

As earlier this year, the parish is partnering with the Holland College Heritage Carpentry Program to re- build/repair the front doors of the church. As you likely have noticed the south doors have been removed, and are being worked on.

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St. Vincent de Paul

ST. DUNSTAN’S ST. VINCENT DE PAUL would like to thank all parishioners who donate non perishable food items on the 1st Sunday of each month to help keep our pantry stocked for those in need of food. Since the ban on using plastic bags has come into effect, parishioners have used their own cloth bags when donating food. As of this week we have a yellow bin at the entrance of the church with cloth grocery bags that can be taken to replace any bags that you drop off with food in them. Thanks for your generosity.

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Greeters at Mass Wanted!

Be a Greeter at Mass! A wonderful way to volunteer at the parish. Be a warm welcome and a smiling face as you greet those attending Mass. This ministry is open to parishioners in junior high through adulthood. Families are encouraged to serve together as well as catechism classes. Please contact Gwen through the parish office 902-894-3486 or see the sign up sheet at the church entrance.

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The Crew

The Crew is a great place to ask questions and learn about our Catholic faith through games, talks and praise & worship. If you are in grades 8-12, join us in the Glastonbury Hall of St. Dunstan's Basilica every Thursday from 7 – 9pm. "You, dear young people, are not the future but the now of God." - Pope Francis

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Religious Education Classes

Religious education classes will begin this weekend. Registration forms are available at the back of the church or can be sent to you via email. Classes are for grades K through 9 and are held on Sunday mornings from 9-10:15 am in the Basilica lower level. Please contact Pat Wiedemer for more information at

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Gift Bearers Wanted

An invitation is extended to everyone—individuals, couples, families,
catechetical classes—to become involved in taking up the Gifts at our
Saturday afternoon—Sunday celebrations of the Eucharist. To facilitate
this, a binder with signup sheets is available at the main entrance of the
church. It would be great if you would sign up in advance of the day.
Thank you for your consideration.
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Upper Room PEI

Upper Room PEI will be starting Tuesday, September 24. Upper Room is a
weekly gathering for young adults seeking a deeper relationship with
Christ. We meet every Tuesday in Glastonbury Hall of St. Dunstan’s
Basilica for an hour of adoration followed by time for fellowship.
The Holy Hour includes praise and worship, a brief reflection, silent
prayer, benediction, and the opportunity for confession. Come and join
us! For more information, follow us on Facebook @Upper Room PEI. See you there!
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Attention Parents

A suggestion has been made that children at Mass should be accompanied to the washroom downstairs by a parent rather than going on their own. In the interest of safety, this is a prudent practice to follow. If your child has such a need, please go with them.

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