The recent presence of COVID-19 in the schools is leading us to a further consideration of
guidelines for in-person catechetics classes.

Our coordinator, Sandra Bourque, is in ongoing touch with parents and catechists.

To register your child, please contact Sandra.

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St. Vincent de Paul Monthly Meeting

Thursday, September 23 at 7:30 pm in the K of C Room.

Please use Dorchester side entrance.

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The lift in the church, installed many years ago, has had a substantial history of breaking down.

After many repairs over a number of years, we have been told that the technology is outdated and irreparable.

This past spring, we ordered new technology. After several months of waiting, it has not yet arrived.

We recognize this has inconvenienced some parishioners, and regret this.

The Property and Finance Committee has been actively involved, and we thank them for their diligence.

We will keep you informed.

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Public Health Protocols

Mask-wearing is required.

Physical distancing, hand-sanitizing, and staying home if feeling unwell or are required to be in self-

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Weekday Masses This Week

Weekday masses will be held in the main church.

Work continues on the lower level.

Confessions downstairs as usual.

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Maintenance/cleaning of a room used for
storage in the church lower level is scheduled for this
week. Because of this, Thursday and Friday Mass this
week will be in the main church. Note: There will be
no Mass or confessions on Tuesday this week.

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Scents & Perfumes

Please refrain from strong scents and perfumes at Mass. There are a number of people who have allergies, and are sensitive to them. Many thanks!

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Monthly Fuel Collection

Envelopes for May have been attached to this week’s bulletin. Sincere thank you to those who have contributed thus far. For your information, our average annual fuel consumption, over the past five years, amounts to 53,351.96 liters, at an average yearly cost of $40,221.09. In addition to other conservation measures that have been taken, the Committee is currently investigating the enhancement of the church’s insulation. It is realized that this is a time of financial challenge for many. We are sensitive to that. Any consideration you are able to give is much appreciated. Thank you for your support!

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Mass Registration for Weekend Masses

Available at our parish website:

For those who would like someone to register for you, please telephone one of the following (902-367-7829, 902-892-9387 or 902-621-1988).

Please note: Effective immediately preregistration is not necessary for weekday Masses. Names and contact information will be taken upon arrival. Preregistration remains a requirement for weekend Masses.

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Adoration Chapel

Please contact Jodi or Brady Grant ( or (902-218-8282). You may request to have a candle burn in the Adoration Chapel. ($7 Mon –Sun). Please contact the Parish Office. This week the candles in the Chapel burn for: Souls in Purgatory(1).

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Attention Parents

Children at Mass should be accompanied to the washroom downstairs by a parent rather than going on their own. In the interest of safety, this is a prudent practice to follow. If your child has such a need, please go with them.

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Martha Spirituality Centre

The Martha Spirituality Centre will remain closed for in-person programs until September 2021. However, the good news is that we have organized many programs to go forward on Zoom, so we will be zooming into 2021. To access a program, you must have downloaded Zoom on your computer (it’s free). When you register for a program, your facilitator will send you a link to access the program on that day. Please note the following: (A) There is no telephone access at the Martha Spirituality Centre. (B) All registrations have to be done on-line with the facilitator of each program. She/he will let you know the process of payment for each program. (C) Any inquiries by phone will be to Sr. Gemma Dunn at 902-892-3179. (D) Our brochure can be viewed through the diocese of Charlottetown website and through the Sisters of St. Martha website

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2021 Envelopes

If you have been using envelopes, and did not receive a new set for 2021, please contact the Parish Office. Extra sets of envelopes, for those who would like to begin using them, are available at the entrance to the church from the greeters. No need to sign up. Simply put your name and address on the first few envelopes you use in the new year. Automatic debit and E-transfer options are also available. Please contact the Parish Office for info. Thanks so very much for your ongoing financial support in this trying time.

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Sacrament of Reconciliation

Tuesday and Thursday, 11-11:45 am;

Saturday, 2:15 to 3:15 pm.

All downstairs in Glasonbury Hall. Use Dorchester St. Entrance.

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Present Mass Times

Weekday - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday –9 am.

We are currently limited to 10—in addition to the presider, reader, and sacristan — at our weekday Masses. Please register on-line, as before.

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