The catechism program at St. Dunstan's Basilica is twofold:  we seek to pass on the rich teachings of the Catholic faith and to introduce our young people to the person of Jesus Christ.

We strive to impart the doctrine of the Catholic faith in our classrooms by using methods that will engage our students & encourage them to connect the Catholic faith to their own lives.  We teach the youth in our program how to pray and why prayer is important.  We open the Scriptures with them and hope to imbue in them a love for God's word.  We spend time teaching the doctrine of the Catholic faith and using examples and activities that reinforce these teachings.

The name of catechesis was given to the whole of the efforts within the Church to make disciples, to help people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God...and to educate and instruct them in this life and thus build up the Body of Christ. (Catechesi Tradendae #1).
We offer classes in preschool - Grade 9, with sacramental preparation for First Eucharist and Reconciliation taking place in Grade 2, and preparation for Confirmation in Grade 9.

The curriculum we use is "Be My Disciples" from RCL Benziger.

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Preschool (ages 4 - 5)

Teacher : Mrs. Mary Beaulac, Miss Nicole Dupuis
The preschool class focuses on the readings for each Sunday.  They share the Gospel aloud in class and participate in activities that reinforce the Gospel message.

Grade 1

Teacher : Ms. Meagan Collins
Faith concepts in Grade 1 include teachings on the Bible as God's word, the love of God our Father as Creator.  We also teach the children about Jesus, God's own son who came into the world to save us, and about Mary, the Mother of God.  The children learn also about our great helper, the Holy Spirit.   They learn about how Jesus founded the Church.  They are introduced to the Holy Mass and the sacraments.   They also learn the importance of prayer and work on practising prayers in class.

Grade 2

Teacher : Mrs. Jodi Grant, Mrs. Shannon Howe
In Grade 2 we focus on the covenants God has made with His people throughout salvation history.  We see the story of God's love and fidelity poured out through the ages leading up to his death on the cross.  The children learn about grace, sin, mercy and forgiveness as they prepare for the sacrament of Reconciliation.  They also focus on the Mass, the signs and symbols and the real transformation of bread & wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus.  They learn the different parts of the Mass and how to prepare for Mass and how to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

Grade 3

Teacher : Mrs. Stephanie MacLean, Mrs. Tasha MacDonald
The Grade 3 class focuses more deeply on the Scriptures as God's word speaking to us. They learn about God the Father, Creator of all things, and how Jesus Christ was sent by God the Father to save us from sin.  They explore more deeply Jesus' life on earth and his ministry, his miracles and his teachings. They are inspired by the lives of the saints which they read about in class as examples of people who have given themselves complete to God.  They learn about the Liturgical year and the sacraments.

Grade 4

TeacherMs. Anna Vail, Ms. Mary Theresa Pitre
In Grade 4 we deepen further in the concepts already covered in previous years and talk more about the theological virtues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We also teach about the life of grace, the ten commandments, and making moral choices.

Grade 5/6

Teacher : Mrs. Patricia Weidemer
The Grade 5/6 combination class is a year where the Scriptures are studied more frequently, and time is spent discussing the great mystery of the Holy Trinity, and also the Paschal Mystery.  The youth are taught about the seven sacraments and they break open what the sacraments are, their signs and symbols and the specific effects and graces associated with each sacrament.  They also look closely at the lives of the saints, the beatitudes and the great commandment as instruction and inspiration for how a Christian life ought to be lived.

Grade 7/8

Teacher : Mr. Brady Grant, Mr. Kyle MacNeil
The Grade 7/8 year combines study on the moral life and how to live the life of grace with a study on the Church as the Body of Christ and the sacrament of salvation. They learn about the Church as the Body of Christ and understand more fully the baptismal call to holiness and to be an apostle.  They learn about the various vocations within the Church and how they fit into the Body of Christ.

Grade 9

Teacher : Mrs. Gwen Chevarie
In Grade 9 we focus on learning the Apostle's Creed and what it means to profess it and to be a practising Catholic in today's world.  We use a video based program along with small group discussions that have proved very effective. Our confirmation candidates participate in two retreats and two service projects during their Confirmation year.