Fuel Collection

In the spring of 2019, we began to take up a weekly fuel collection. Parishioners and visitors responded very generously, to the point where we were on the way to collecting at least half of our yearly fuel costs. With COVID-19, our ability to receive the collection in the previous manner has been curtailed. Still, our fuel prices remain. The Property and Finance Committee has decided that, in order to give people an opportunity to contribute toward our fuel costs, beginning next week, we will provide envelopes monthly, attached to the bulletin, for your use. These may be placed in the collection basket as you enter or leave the church, or else left at the office. For your information, our average annual fuel consumption, over the past five years, amounts to 53,351.96 liters, at an average yearly cost of $40,221.09. In addition to other conservation measures that have been taken, the Committee is currently investigating the enhancement of the church’s insulation. It is realized that this is a time of financial challenge for many. We are sensitive to that reality. Your consideration is much appreciated.

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