100 Years – St. Dunstan’s

As a way of marking the centennial of our present Basilica, we will be providing some historical sketches over the course of this year. Our thanks to Fr. Art O'Shea for these. Today, we'll start way back…
Two hundred years ago the Diocese of Quebec was the only Roman Catholic Diocese in what is present-day Canada. In the summer of 1812, Bishop Plessis of Quebec made an extended tour of our Maritime region, remaining two weeks on Prince Edward Island, where Father Angus MacEachern was at that time the only priest serving the scattered Catholic population here. The Bishop spent two days in Charlottetown where there was yet no church. As he was leaving here, he directed Father MacEachern to arrange the building of a suit- able church and he designated its proper location: a high point in the town overlooking the harbour – the site of the present St. Dunstan's.

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